Leaning on His Understanding

Have you’ve ever gotten to a point where you’ve been praying for something and then what you’ve prayed for comes to pass, but not the way you wanted it to. That has very recently happened to me, I had been praying and asking God for a particular thing to happen and I was sure that this time it would happen exactly how I wanted it to. Thinking that I believed hard enough and had enough faith. I’m starting to realize with myself that I treat prayer as if I’m wishing. The Bible does say very clearly to come bodly before the throne of Christ and make your request made known to Him (paraphrasing here) and that’s what I did. I prayed for the complete $20,000 scholarship that I was interviewed for in the earlier part of March, scholarships ranged from $5,000-20,000 instead I only received $9,000. I was disappointed and wondered why I had not gotten the $20,000 I  prayed for. Basically I acted very much like a brat and pouted. My mom said I didn’t seem very excited and I kind of wasn’t. My mom then told me that I should be grateful for what I was awarded seeing that there are other high school seniors who want to go to college and have no financial way of paying. I completely understood what she meant, but I still wondered why I didn’t get the full amount I prayed for.
Eventually, I lost my sullen attitude. I realized that the way I reacted was completely ungrateful and hurtful to God because He has provided me a means of going to college. Also that even though I didn’t get the $20,000 from my university does not mean God has not answered my family and I’s prayers for financial overflow and manifestation of a Godly influx of money, but that He may have other means of providing money for both my sister and I for college and for whatever else we have asked our Father to give us. Although times can be hard financially I trust in the loving, God who supplies all my needs, the One who freely gives to His children.

As I was listening to Francesca Battistelli’s song Strangely Dim and I truly believe God has His hand on my life and those of my family.  As Christians NO MATTER what our circumstances are we must never lose sight of who God is and what He is capable of doing. The Bible tells us Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.”  Through struggles, hardships, and times of feeling like giving up and wondering where God is in our lives we have to stay focused and rely, trust, and depend on Jesus Christ who loves us and has wonderful plans for our lives and it might sound likes it’s easier said than done, but with  GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Here is a lyric video of Francesca Battistelli’s song Strangely Dim I found on YouTube hope you guys find it as inspiring as I did. Feel free to comment 🙂