I find solace in the arms of You
peace and love surround me
making me feel whole
Nothing I have done pulls You away from me, but
only makes you love me more
Never turning you back on me, You reach out to me
holding me close to Your heart
telling me of Your love, of Your grace
Love fills me up, and I cannot contain it all
I burst with joy and laughter in Your Presence
Enjoying my Beloved
Your voice is beautiful to my ears,
brightly Your face shines, Your smile, breathtaking
My Spirit one with Your Spirit

      I know I haven’t posted for a while. I have been pretty busy with school and focusing more on my relationship with God. I wrote this poem one night while reading and trying to touch God’s heart. I truly find peace and joy in the Presence of my Savior. Reading His Word and praying makes me feel closer to God. That’s where this poem came from. When I write poetry or words on paper I try to express clearly how I feel and most of my poetry is about Jesus, my relationship with Him or my feelings. What I write always makes me think of what David wrote in Psalms. His words to God weren’t always songs or poetry. Sometimes David just laid his heart before God and showed Him bare honesty and truth even things that weren’t so easy to tell. That’s what I try to convey in my poetry, I show God on paper what I feel, how I hurt, what I’m going through and how much I just love Him. Writing has definitely been a huge part of my walk with God. What I can’t say, I always seem to know what to write. I can be honest with my Father and show him my heart, every single layer of my being that I wouldn’t share with anyone else.(that doesn’t mean that things that are important, life threatening, etc, shouldn’t be told) God wants you to do the same with Him, not necessarily write poetry, but be honest with God, just openly talk with Him. In your private prayer time just put everything on your heart before Him and just commune with the Father. But also take time to listen to what He wants to tell you, read His word.
        For a long time I would just read my Bible pray a few words and then be done with it. I would go watch TV or read a book. My mom would ask sometimes, “did you wait for God to respond?” In prayer time we also must take quiet time and listen to the small voice of God, It may not always be audible, it may be an unction in your spirit. You may receive an answer to a prayer while reading your Bible.
We must be reminded that prayer is a two way conversation, just like you would talk to anyone else. You wouldn’t engage in a conversation with someone and when you were done talking just walk away because you said all you needed to. Conversations don’t work that way, and just like that we must treat our prayer life the same way.

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