Freed from the chains of who I use to be
I rejoice in You, God
chains fall one by one
releasing the woman You have called me to be
I stand boldly to proclaim Your name to the world
living my faith out loud
Jesus, You are the I AM
You are Love
I have seen You, O God
I am coming to know Your face, to know so well
the love you have given me
Precious I am to You
Loved is how I’m described by the whisper from Your lips
Each and every day is a gift to show Your love
to people, to your Beloved children
I am Your vessel God

I wrote this poem 11/26/12 while spending time with God. I felt these words pour out of my spirit, and I believed God touched my heart that night. I love spending time with my Father, just sitting in his presence gives me such joy and I feel so loved by Him. I now understand what people mean when they say “falling in love with Jesus,” because this is what is happening between Him and I. I now know that it’s possible to reach out and touch God, to talk with him, and laugh with Him. Just being with Him and knowing He is with me every where is so amazing. This type of relationship is so very possible with you. You can have such a tangible and loving relationship with God and it’s not hard. We make things out to be soo difficult and they aren’t. Reach out to God, and He will be reaching out to You. Acknowledge Him and the wonder and amazement of who He is. He loves you and wants a intimate, loving, close and personal relationship with you, His Beloved. Start cultivating your relationship with the Creator of relationships today, there is no person on this earth that can love you the way God can. His love is so much more than any boyfriend or girlfriend. His love conquers all, and changes you for the purpose He created you for.

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